About Us

Hi, we’re Setaris.

We build technology businesses and the tools they run on.

Based in New York City, we bring together a team of talented strategists, designers, engineers, and marketers tailored for each customer’s projects.

We help distill your ideas using our collective experience into the product most suited for your intended market and business goals. If we think something is not going to work or is a waste of your time, we tell you.
After developing the product strategy, our designers and engineers use the latest tools to build the product. Ease-of-use, security, and stability are utmost in our minds. We keep you abreast of progress every step of the way.
A product can only reach its full potential if poeple know about it. We’re happy to help plan for any kind of promotion or ad campaign to get your product out there.
Suzanne Paulinski
Thank you (again again again) for doing this in such a timely manner, being sensitive to our deadlines, and explaining everything as you went along. A tremendous weight has been lifted off our shoulders.
Suzanne Paulinski IXiiV Records
My entire mobile application product line suffered from a lack of QA and a solid development cycle after a couple of years of “cheaper” offshore developers. Setaris evaluated my company’s development cycle and got us completely straightened out. Since engaging Setaris, sales have doubled, trouble tickets have been cut in half and my company is more profitable. Setaris was definitely the right choice.
Steve Maher, President Data Makes the Difference, LLC